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Have Patience and Don't Lose Heart

Say No To Impatience

Impatience destroys your power to succeed. It is a negative quality that is associated with weakness. Impatience determines whether you will pursue or surrender. It determines your capacity to see...

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Courage for Improving Your Life

How to Use Courage to Make the Right Life Changes

It takes courage to make positive changes to your life. However, it’s not courageous to allow yourself to be coerced by others to make those changes. In any case, all...

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Avoid Revenge

How To Stop Revenge Destroying Your Positivity

This is second of three articles about how to prevent your “positivity” from being destroyed. Today, we will look at the next destroyer of “positivity”, revenge.

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No Hate Feature Image

How To Stop Hatred Destroying Your Positivity

Hatred is a poison that murders your positivity. More importantly, the only one who will truly suffer will be you – not the people you hate. Hatred robs your energy!...

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Covert Narcissists

Are You Entangled with a Covert Narcissist?

When you stoop to the level of a Narcissist, you are in very serious trouble indeed! Do the same to a Covert Narcissist and you will be savagely damaged, whilst...

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Just Say No

15 Reasons Why It Is Important To Say No

Being afraid to say no can ruin your life! It can ruin your children’s life! It can bring harm to you and your spouse! It can empower narcissists to use...

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