Say No To Impatience


Impatience destroys your power to succeed. It is a negative quality that is associated with weakness. Impatience determines whether you will pursue or surrender. It determines your capacity to see things through to the end. This article discusses why it is critical for you to say “no” to impatience.

Why Do People Become Impatient

Life’s challenges, difficulties, and fear are the biggest causes for impatience. These factors determine how long a person can survive trials in life. In addition, life challenges can cause you to make quick-fix decisions that lead to more problems. The same is true if you are surrounded by negative or toxic people who do not have your best interest at heart. They will do everything to fan the flames of impatience inside you.

Being Patient

Patience is a great virtue that everyone should possess. It plays a vital role in your personal development. It’s your greatest armour to have the courage and motivation to continue towards your goals.

Even if you are facing the most difficult situations in life, it is essential to exert your effort and showcase your patience long-term. This can give you more endurance in waiting for the perfect time.

Keeping Your Patience in Check

It is important to keep your temperance in check and be able to use your patience in an effective manner. You can do this with a simple three-step strategy:

Firstly, you need to know how you can cope with your negative emotions and feelings. Negative vibes can paint a gloomier picture of the actual situation that you are facing. When you are able to control and eradicate negative vibes, then you can start facing the problem or the situation with a positive outlook. It is good to be optimistic at all times for it will provide you with the best end-results. Patient people carry sunshine in their pockets or purses for all situations (good or bad).

Secondly, you have to develop shrewd discipline. It must be in the sense that you have the procedures on how you can prolong your self-control in achieving your personal goals. Never quit or lose hope in aiming for high goals. Just always remember that when you try to be patient at all times, you will reach the pinnacle of success.

Thirdly, expect that you can have what you want for tomorrow and quit thinking for the negative result. Being pessimistic will never help you to enrich your eagerness and perseverance to directly go towards your purpose. Always think for the better things and look for the positive ways on how your patience will be prolonged for the best consequences.

Patience always bears the best fruits. It will eliminate negative effects. It will help you make good decisions. Though sometimes, you may have suffered a lot of hardships in terms of waiting for the possible means. However, it will always give you the entity of success. Extreme trials with a long patience as a weapon will give you the privilege to have the victory in life. So, as an individual who may have dilemmas and challenges in life, patience is a great quality to have. It helps to flush the word “surrender” from your vocabulary.


Whilst the phrase “patience is a virtue” sounds like a cliché to many people, in practice patience really does matter. Prolonging your patience can help in achieving what you really want. However, it doesn’t mean that you will prolong your patience forever. You should always know what your limits are. So, you need to strike a sensible balance when you show patience. Nonetheless, the rule is simple. Only show long patience for good things. These must be things that relate to your personal goals and maximise your happiness.

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